The simple way to find a viewing facility

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The QuickIcons™ are listed below: -

Air Conditioning Icon

Air Conditioning

Car Parking Icon

Car Parking

CD Playback Icon

CD Playback

DVD Recording Icon

DVD Recording

Disabled Access Icon

Disabled Access

In-House Catering Icon

In-House Catering

MP3 Icon


Picture in Picture Icon


Reception Area Icon

Reception Area

Recruitment Icon


Recording NTSC Icon

Recording NTSC

Recording PAL Icon

Recording PAL

Roving Camera Icon

Roving Camera

Streaming: Focus Vision Icon

Streaming: Focus Vision

Streaming: Other Icon

Streaming: Other

Streaming: Stream Team Icon

Streaming: Stream Team

Translation Icon

Translation Icon

Video Playback Icon

Video Playback

Viewing Mirror Icon

Viewing Mirror

Waiting Rooms Icon

Waiting Rooms

Wi-Fi Icon


Wired Internet Icon

Wired Internet


* The Quickicons™ are standard on a Silver Package and higher

About the Viewing Facility Network

The purpose of the Viewing Facility Network is to have a one stop shop of every single viewing facility in the world in one place, if we have missed your facility or one that you know about, please let us know, we will happily add a free entry.

Market Research is conducted all over the world every day of the year in many places, sometimes a hotel, sometimes in someone's home and sometimes in a viewing facility, a viewing facility is a dedicated venue to find out the opinions of people, what they think of a product or service, a political party or any other thing for that matter.

There is a bewildering choice of places to conduct your research, the point of the Viewing Facility Network is to have a well laid out and concise site allowing Market Researchers/End Clients/Recruiters or any other stakeholder to locate a suitable viewing facility. Our QuickIcons allow the user of the site to see if the facility has onsite parking, disabled access, mp3 recordings, video streaming etc...these quick icons can be located under the Services Tab of a paid entry*.